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Our team members come from varying academic backgrounds, ranging from seasoned business professionals to academics from various disciplines. These diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills of our team members enrich our research and comprehensive understanding of the global economy and feed directly in our project – World Balance Sheet – resulting in a publication that meets the highest professional and academic standards.
Active fellows contribute to our project, typically by working independently on the analysis of specific asset classes, and submitting academic papers. These work items and their scope are being well defined by our program management and may be completed part-time, complementary to any full-time role the fellow may have, within weeks or, in other cases, few months.
Within, fellows enjoy various career opportunities, developing to Senior Fellows or to Distinguished Fellows, even with the opportunity to be elected into board roles.
We carefully ensure, that all contributors to our published work are represented personally, within our publications, on our website, and by various marketing instruments beyond, all free of charge.
At we encourage our team members to engage with our research and contribute to scientific discussions.
The fellowship in is free. We always welcome new contributors to
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Clemens Deutsch, Chairman

Clemens Deutsch

Clemens Deutsch, M.Sc., CFA, acts as Chairman of the Board since August 2023. In his role he oversees and steers the overall direction and the activities of Furthermore, he leads the major project “World Balance Sheet Edition 2”.
He joined the organization in 2019 and contributed to World Balance Sheet Edition with his analysis on global pension underfunding. During his professional career Mr. Deutsch has focused on theory and practice of (inter-)national financial accounting standards and financial theory. As a Senior Consultant of a leading Big Four he advises international institutional investors on mergers, acquisitions and transactions. He holds a master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Cologne and gained international experience during his studies at the Financial University of Moscow.
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Dr. Harald Deutsch, founder and board member

Dr. Deutsch, M.D., M.Sc., built his career in strategy consulting. He has been advising governments and companies in twelve countries for more than two decades. In this capacity, he worked as a partner, managing director, vice president and global practice leader for three of the world’s leading consulting firms. He also served as a non-executive director on various supervisory boards. Dr. Deutsch now focuses his work on non-profit scientific NGOs. He founded in 2019 and continues to serve as a board member.
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Lars Deutsch, M. Sc., Chief Information Officer

Lars Deutsch, M.Sc., acts as Chief Information Officer since August 2023. In this role, he sets the overall technology direction of He oversees the organization’s digital activities, including website and document management system. He orchestrates the international communication model, and acts in person as administrator of’s IT systems. Already in 2019, he joined as one of the earliest members. Due to his strong contribution to World Balance Sheet 1.0, published in 2020, he has acted as Senior Fellow since 2020. Throughout his professional life, Mr. Deutsch has focused on military grade IT systems and information technology. As Cyber IT management officer, he enables and operates IT systems in highly security sensitive environments. In this role, he continuously reflects technology top-notch developments, following strictest methodologies and standards of military grade IT administration. He holds a master’s degree in psychology of the University of German Armed Forces, Munich, and has studied Electrical Engineering at the University of German Armed Forces, Hamburg.