Explore the World Balance Sheet – A Snapshot of Global Assets


In times where discussions on the composition and distribution of global wealth are becoming more present, gaining a comprehensive understanding of global assets and capital is no easy feat. Many companies, governmental and university bodies are publishing wealth reports on individuals, companies or subsets of assets. However these publications often give only a limited view and are difficult to compare. We addressed these shortcomings, with our first publication, World Balance Sheet – Global assets at a glance, edition 1, (2020) a first comprehensive approach to value all assets of the world and summarize them in a detailed balance sheet.

In our book, we will guide you through the major asset classes, used databases and derived numerical values for each respective asset class using a clear scientific approach. We will address core questions that are at the heart of global economy. What is the numerical value of global Capital? How is it composed? And does it support a sustainable standard of living for humankind?

Cover image of the World Balance Sheet publication, showcasing a global map and financial charts, providing a visual representation of the intricate details of the world's economic landscape.

Discover the World Balance Sheet in your preferred format. You can start with the executive summary of the figures and an abstract as public information, downloadable for free here or you get the full picture with a printed book, allowing you to explore the global financial assets at your fingertips. Alternatively, opt for the convenience of an eBook, accessible anytime, anywhere.

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